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ey guys!
i just updated my layout on, <- check it out and let me know what you think?=D
Hey guys!

First of all, the daily deviation:
I got it on my piece "symmetry" 3 days ago, it was kinda shocking : o, and i had the worst headache that day, but i replied to the lovely comments anyway.

Secondly : I got a portfolio! : D. I've never had one before, and it's kinda awesome. check it out please, and i'd love it if you would link it around!

There is still things that aren't done yet, but its so nice to have it published.

well, thanks for your support, bye ! <3
i'm working on a piece, but i need some feedback badly.

stopped using msn so i don't have that many people to ask.

Ello there!

Im working more productly lately, and i want to achieve something with this art thing.

I would really appreciate it if you guys took a peak at my BEHANCE ; and my YOUTUBE ;

Im thinking about making a video you guys would enjoy more than just counter-strike movies (haha, i'm oldschool, don't judge), but i'm freshing up my computer, so i would have to install a lot of programs etc (meh, making excuses)

I honestly doubt any reaction here, and eventhough i know it, i just like writing about art etc, went from having 30+ active designers @ msn to not having anyone to share ideas, what im saying is that if anyone feels the same, gimme a note or something, with contact info so we could chat

haha... ait, nite!……

ughhhhh, i guess this is what we've got in store for the future.
eyyyyyyyyy, a few weeks ago a friend of mine saw that i have uploaded 100 deviations, and i think that's kinda cool.

tho the one i had uploaded as the 100th, kinda sucked, but whatever : p

lately i haven't really been up to anything, not taking pictures, nor photoshopping. i have been editing a bit with sony vegas, but i figure it's not in your guys interest.

i have just been chilling, and looking at your guys pictures, and taking care of my new dog.
ye, i got a dog around a month ago, she is a jack russel terrier, and her name is Bella.

uhm, i might make a piece or something, it's not like i have a creative block, but i just don't feel motivated to start working, haven't really been 'feeling it'.

anyways, whatsup?
it's kinda boring deviantart now'a'dayz.

not too much response, and i don't have anything near the contact with different artist as i used to have.
before if i submitted a bad piece, people would correct me, but now it's like "0 comments" on the sucky pieces, not really much to learn. i would appreciate feedback, a lot.

i doubt there will be any comments on this journal, and probably not too many people reading this entry, but i tRIEDdddddd.
i was walking on the street when i suddenly fell like an angel from the sky, because the ground was covered in ice.

f**************************ck it hurtsssssssssss, but that wasn't why i wrote this journal entry

i need someone to give me feedback on a piece im working on, it's a manip & i suck with it. so someone who can kill all my hopes of ever becoming good at manipulation is appreciated. i actually have no-one to ask on msn, since i haven't really kept contact with those artists i already have there, and im not interested to talk to someone i haven't talked to in ages, just to ask for help, that's lame :)
got a behance user a while back and i started a week ago or something to upload some of my pieces. probably gonna upload some pieces there that aren't gonna upload here, just to be evil.

for now it's just pieces that are here, + some closeups.

: )
you guys got some good music?

just link your favorite song or artist /album whatever, whatever genre.

: )

you guys got spotify? (

if so, post your playlist!…
hah, got a third dd today :D

thanks to KeremGo

:]]] sap
uhm, i want to make a collab pieCe, i miss it.

it would be nice if i could just make a 3d render of some sort, and u would finish it, but u could send the psd back to me if u felt like it.

it'd be nice if you had "average" knowledge in photoshop or whatever but that's not that important.

if your up, just send me a note or a comment here in this journal with your address so i could add you @ msn, & then we could take more about what 2do.
i got bored yesterday ithink so i started trying to make a 3d animation.

well i used c4d and sony vegas.…

check out the 720p.
well i've been busy lately trying to find balance in my works.

i started a while ago on the NKeo world collabs #1 project, and it started out well.

after a while i saved the psd file to a memory stick, and started working on a different computer.
i started and i got a good flow, i made it alot better pretty fast.
but then, when i was going home, the saving on the memory stick, well... didn't happen.

so i had to wait another week before i could get the psd file, and i had done so much i just didn't want to work more on my computer with the psd file i started with.
so on Tuesday this week i went to get the psd file etc, but i for some reason copied the wrong file, so im not really any closer of finishing it.

although i know the last day of submitting to the contest was May 23, i just want to finish it.

but in the meantime i just started going through old psd files, and i found a piece i've never finished, and i got a "great idea" for it.

so i've been working on it for about 6 days, and it's probably the piece i've worked most on.
i've been alot back and forward with this piece. I've made details that took hours to make before realizing it didn't fit, therefore removing it.
just trying to explain why i haven't submitted anything in some time, although i think no-one really reads this, haha:p

&, check out Pendulum's new album "Immersion", its pure magic.
  • Listening to: pendulum

a friend of mine that makes music.

he has great music on youtube, but there's only 4 there now, but more to come.

check it out.
  • Listening to: polyralos - lost hidden soul
ello deviantart.
tryin to be more active here, but it's really hard cuz im kinda busy atm.

im like in a contest, a moviemaking contest for a game, so im in the top 10 now, and i'll have to make ANOTHER movie until 30 april, 3 to 5 minutes, haha.

but ofc i have to go 2 tha hut/cabin/cottage(?????????????????thats the translation atleast : p) for like 3 days.

i don't really know if its real or just ma parents messin with me cuz it's 1 april, or was..... well trying to think positive, so i think their just messing with meh.

thinking about making some pieces, but i dont really know what i should do.

im not really that good with manips, so i'll see : b

but whatsup?…

song by a band that comes from the same town as me.

they sing norwegian tho : d

this has been a great day, seriously...

sorry for the two journal entries in less than 24 hours, but i thought u should hear the song :P

by the way : they have released one cd, but this song isn't in it, but i just love the feeling i get from seeing the video and listening to the song.

good way to end a good day. tho the day is over, kinda.

well, thanks deviantart for a good day, hah...

the last fue days i've been really busy with editing a movie, but i filmed some, hopefully something good, was suppost to see it today what i filmEd, but today turned out  to be a busy day.
but hopefully i'll make some 3d abstract soon : p
shit, i got a DD today, feels good.

ah, don't really know what to type, but thanks :D
so i have arthritis, i have seriously _no_ idea if i write it correctly because its not written in any way like that in norwegian.

but i mostly have it in both of my knees, but i now got it in my arm and my jaw.

apparently i've had it in a while in my jaw because i've been having problems with eating since october!

going to the hospital for the fourth day in a'row tomorrow, seeing a jaw doctor, maybe i'll have to insert something to help the inflammation (?) go away. worst case i'll have to have surgery.

hopefully i don't have to get the infection out of my elbow, but i've already done it 4 times in my knee's in 4 months.

haha, it's words here i've nEVER seen so i have no idea if it makes any sense, i just used translation.

but, hopefully i'll make something you guys like, _in a while_, now it kinda hurts to sit with the computer.

"Arthritis (from Greek arthro-, joint + -itis, inflammation; plural: arthritides) is a group of conditions involving damage to the joints of the body. ..." copied from google from wikipedia, haha i don't want to go to the wikipedia site cuz i bet it some fuCKED up picture of someone with it.

y n by the way like my knee's get x2 their normal size, my elbow just hurts like hell to move sometimes, and my jaw, i can't really open it good, only got one finger in it yesterday, dont wanna try now cuz im off 2 bed.